Thuisblijfmoeder: dag in het leven van

De Amerikaanse Maya Vorderstrase maakte een filmpje van een dag in haar leven als thuisblijfmoeder.

Ze deed dat naar aanleiding van een opmerking van een moeder-met-baan die zei dat ze de hele dag niets deed omdat ze thuis was. Ook is het filmpje bedoeld om andere thuisblijfmoeders een hart onder de riem te steken.

Dag in het leven van een thuisblijfmoeder

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Today I’m going to educate the woman that had the courage to tell me that I don’t do anything all day because I’m a stay-at-home mother and my husband is a poor man because he gets home very tired from real work and still has to help parent MY kids. So here you go, a glimpse into what a stay at home mom does throughout the day and trust me, it was an easy day. I take care of my kids, I cook, I clean, I pick up toys, I run errands, I play with them, I do laundry, I pick up more toys, I cook some more, I teach, I comfort them, I pick up more toys, I organize, I assist, I change diapers, I mother. If you are a stay at home mother and you don’t feel seen, you are seen. You are appreciated. The work you do at home matters and so do you. My husband doesn’t assist me, he PARENTS. Every family makes the best decisions for their own. Working moms who love their careers and chose to keep working, women who have no option but to work, stay at home moms, part-time job moms, dads who stay at home, strong single mothers, whatever it is that you have to do to make your family work: do it. Do not ever allow anyone judge you or shame you for doing what is right for you. Just fill that house up with LOVE and dedication, that is ALL that matters. 💛 . Good Mother T-shirt gifted by my friend Sarah from @themomculture
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